Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fall Underneath

Here is another one of my stylish while digging dresses.. Couple months ago I was in a fabric store looking for fabrics.. As usual, I started with remnant bins and there was a pinkish piece of fabric with a trace of an unidentifiable print.. I looked a little more and found a piece of fabric in similar color, with fade print of parrots.. Then I knew what I had to find.. After thoroughly digging through piles of fabrics, I ended up with two pieces and three different versions of parrot pattern.. One was neon pink, with neon parrots (about 1.20m), and the other one piece was neon orange (more than 2m), but at the half of the length the print of the parrots changes from gray to slightly colorful.. Remnants are true treasure.. 

Monday, July 21, 2014


I have finally made a maxi dress! If I’m not wrong, last maxi dress that I have made was my prom dress, a long long time ago.. In last couple of years every summer I plan to make one, but never get around to really doing it.. Usually I don’t have enough fabric, or I can’t decide which pattern to choose.. When I saw the model #121 from Burda 04/2014, I knew it was the one.. To be honest, I liked all the versions of that model (#119, #120).. That’s why it took me couple of hours first to size down pattern pieces for all three versions, and then to trace and cut them.. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Danger! High Voltage

I have already mentioned in one of my projects how I started sewing my outfits for archaeological fieldwork.. Last season I completely changed my look, switched from tees and pants to tunics/short dresses and leggings.. That combination turned out to be the best for super-hot summers and also very comfortable.. I like to call it my stylish while digging collection.. 

This very short dress I have made last year and it was my favorite of the season.. I used pattern #122, from Burda 04/2010.. It is simple loose dress with drawstring to give it a shape.. The fabric was find from the remnant bin.. I also had some leftovers of the fabric with owl print which I used for drawstring and bias tapes.. All those details were main reason why I really love this dress.. I added pockets for my pens, cell phone, walkie-talkie and every other little thing I could need while working..  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Still Life

When I was in a phase of dyeing fabrics, I wanted to dye this floral print into mustard yellow.. The cotton fabric was find from remnant bin, only about 1m of length.. Originally white dominated the print, with red and black as other colors.. I made a mistake while buying the textile dye, I liked the color on the package, ignoring the color name – orange.. Once again I used Deka L textile dye, dyed the fabric and some cotton eyelet trim in washing machine.. I was a bit surprised when I saw the bright orange outcome.. I love orange, and it looked better than before.. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect

A long time ago, when I wasn’t in a sewing phase, I liked making my own T-shirts.. Ok, I didn’t make them in terms of sewing, but I would take textile paints and draw and write on them.. That’s how I made personal touch on basic tees.. At that time, I tried a lot of different textile paints.. For this tee I used Tulip 3D fabric paint - slick in color leaf green.. The paint is easy to apply and it only has to dry for 24 hours after that.. No ironing.. This paint proved better than similar Pebeo paints.. Tulip paint stayed on fabric after washing, and Pebeo were easy to pull off after couple machine washes.. The only damage that happened on my shirt is cracking of the lines.. Probably because of all the machine washes it has been through.. The tee is from 2008 or 2009.. I loved listening to The Rakes, and their song The world was a mess but his hair was the perfect was something I had to put on a T-shirt.. Unlike my other designs, this one is very simple, just text, nothing else..