Still Life

When I was in a phase of dyeing fabrics, I wanted to dye this floral print into mustard yellow.. The cotton fabric was find from remnant bin, only about 1m of length.. Originally white dominated the print, with red and black as other colors.. I made a mistake while buying the textile dye, I liked the color on the package, ignoring the color name – orange.. Once again I used Deka L textile dye, dyed the fabric and some cotton eyelet trim in washing machine.. I was a bit surprised when I saw the bright orange outcome.. I love orange, and it looked better than before.. 

Before dyeing the fabric, I had a plan to make a kind of baby-doll dress, combining the black cotton for bust part and floral fabric for skirt.. The pattern used for bust part is #118 from Burda06/2010.. The skirt is just gathered.. There was not enough fabric for normal hemming, so I used scallop stitch for edges.. I also added the eyelet trim.. Thought it would be a nice touch.. After many machine washes of this dress, only black cotton lost its color.. Orange still looks like freshly dyed.. 

This dress I made couple years ago.. Back then, black and orange combo wasn’t first association for Halloween.. Now, after watching all Project Runway episodes, I wouldn’t think of bringing these two colors together.. It’s a bit stupid, since we don’t even have Halloween.. Just another western influence..

If you would like to see and read about my other experiments with dyeing, you can take a look at my projects – Elektro Pionir, I Still Remember and Violet Hill..

Behind the camera – my favorite sister Dina :)


  1. Well I live in the west and didn't immediately think Halloween when I saw it, so there's that. It's super cute like always :)

    1. thanks for that :) it's easy to collect a lot of stupid ideas that change my way at looking at some things..


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