The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect

A long time ago, when I wasn’t in a sewing phase, I liked making my own T-shirts.. Ok, I didn’t make them in terms of sewing, but I would take textile paints and draw and write on them.. That’s how I made personal touch on basic tees.. At that time, I tried a lot of different textile paints.. For this tee I used Tulip 3D fabric paint - slick in color leaf green.. The paint is easy to apply and it only has to dry for 24 hours after that.. No ironing.. This paint proved better than similar Pebeo paints.. Tulip paint stayed on fabric after washing, and Pebeo were easy to pull off after couple machine washes.. The only damage that happened on my shirt is cracking of the lines.. Probably because of all the machine washes it has been through.. The tee is from 2008 or 2009.. I loved listening to The Rakes, and their song The world was a mess but his hair was the perfect was something I had to put on a T-shirt.. Unlike my other designs, this one is very simple, just text, nothing else.. 

The skirt is made by me.. A year or two ago, I bought this lovely rayon with the bird print.. My friend already had the same fabric, but in blue, and the black one was like made for me.. I love wearing black and sometimes I miss it in my wardrobe.. This is a perfect match of black and a little color.. The piece of fabric I used for this skirt was actually from a remnant box.. After buying regularly 2 m of this beautiful rayon, I saw another small piece of it, length 50-60 cm, in the remnant bin.. The skirt is a simple gathered rectangle.. I’m still afraid to cut the large piece of the fabric.. It’s waiting for the perfect dress pattern.. 

On the last photo you can see my favorite Converse sneakers.. They have survived many years.. In a first year I kept them clean.. In second year I used one of Pebeo textile 3D paint, color black, to doodle on them.. There are a few stars, and I just had to write Kelecukwu Okereke.. Even then his name was fun to write everywhere.. If you think I’m some kind of a crazy person who knows all band members names, you’re wrong.. Kele is alpha and omega in my world.. One and only exception.. I’m simply not interested in anything more than listening to the music.. The dirt you can see on my sneakers, I like to say that it’s from The Rakes gig I had the privilege to see live back in September 2009.. My friends and I had a great time there.. I left the dirt in memory of that night.. A couple of weeks after the gig in Belgrade the band split apart :(

Thanks to my favorite sister Dina for taking these photos :)