Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Rose

I’m aware that it’s autumn, and time for making warmer clothes, but I’m still in a mood for summer sewing.. The idea for this dress I had a month or two ago, and only now I’ve found time to make it real.. I didn’t want to leave it for next season and in the meantime forget about it.. You may recognize the fabric from my La Femme project.. I was left with enough fabric for a sheath dress.. The fabric is perfect for it, cotton with a little stretch.. My idea was to make a sheath dress with scooped back.. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

After The Moment

 I was planning to sew this dress since I saw it in the preview for the September issue of Burda magazine.. But first, I had to return home from my trip.. The dress is pattern  #123 from Burda 09/2014.. I traced the pattern and shorten the length of the skirt for only 12 cm.. I decided to use a fabric from my stash and make a summer dress.. It was hard to pick one, so eventually I went with very lightweight cotton, originally white and black gingham print that I dyed in yellow.. Dyeing in washing machine proved to be the easiest way of doing that.. I used Deka L dye in the color gold..  The choice of the color and the whole process I did a couple years ago, when I bought the fabric.. At that time it seemed like a nice idea.. Along with main fabric, I used yellow lightweight cotton for the lining.. The gingham fabric is very thin and you can see everything under it..

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Wedding photo from the ‘80s.. My father, Nena, Pietro and my mom.. I’m the one in the red dress, crying :) Sorry or putting here a photo of a photo.. When I return home I’ll replace it with scanned one..

Here is a special project, that I’ve managed to make before my unplanned  trip to Italy.. Many years ago, my aunt found a man of her dreams, and since he’s Italian, they married in Italy.. For their wedding, my mom made me a cute little red dress.. At that point, I was the only one of the “kids”.. Being the first, I was the center of my aunt's attention, so you can just imagine how tough for me was her decision to go and live in Italy (when I was a bit older, I saw all the advantages of having an aunt and cousins abroad)..  For some reason I didn’t want to be in the wedding photos.. I was just sitting on a fountain, crying, minding my own business, while the bride and groom were posing with guests.. You can see a little girl in a red dress in almost all of the wedding photos (like in the one I’m showing you)..

Back to the little red dress.. Although my mom made it for the wedding, I wore it a lot for special occasions as a kid (as seen here).. After some time I have outgrown the dress and my younger sister Dina continued wearing it.. The dress had a few transformations over the years.. First, it had some white applique on the front, then my mom added dots with gold sparkly fabric color, if there were any other phase, I don’t remember them.. Once I wore this dress as a costume for a Little Red Riding Hood.. It’s a miracle that the dress made of cotton chiffon survived all this time.. We kept it with some of the other clothes we had as kids, that are still special to us.. 

Recreating the pattern of this dress and adapting it for a grown-up woman was easy.. The idea of making it was on my mind for a long time.. When I saw the navy polyester chiffon with red polka dots and flowers I knew that it was closest to the red cotton chiffon I would ever get (once again remnant bin find).. It was a good compromise because I rarely wear red.. The dress has all the elements I love – baby doll shape, ruffle sleeves, and even more ruffles at the bottom of the skirt.. I made a lining for all the parts of the dress, except the back of the bodice and the sleeves..  I used french seams while sewing the dress.. Neckline I finished with the bias tape.. I made the dress a bit loose, to avoid inserting the zipper.. Everything turned out great.. The dress was ready for a photo-shoot on the same place where my aunt and uncle did their wedding photos with guests..