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Soon as I heard that I’ll be on fieldwork in November, I started thinking about my new stylish while digging looks.. The problem is that it’s impossible to be stylish and warm during cold winter days when we’re spending 8-9 hours working outside and temperatures are in best case between 0-10°C.. The main thing are layers of clothes so I wouldn’t freeze (too much).. That’s also the only time I’m wearing pants and jeans.. I don’t want to have problems with my knees in future.. Instead of making a dress for fieldwork, I decided to make something for those short warm hours when we are doing our documentation work..

Two days before my trip in the middle of nowhere, I remembered my plan for baby doll dress version of Deer&Doe’s Plantain t-shirt.. Back in January, when the pattern was released I wanted to enter the challenge with a dress version.. Making a dress out of a shirt pattern is “been there, done that” for me.. As usual, I delayed making it, and when I saw paunnet’s version I was not interested in sewing the dress any more (I didn't see my dress as original any more).. She also has a tutorial.. The idea was forgotten, until I looked into the box with my UFOs where the fabric and already prepared pattern were still waiting.. Because the pattern has the seam allowances included, I traced the size 34 and sewed the dress with my smaller allowances.. The fabric was a find from remnant bin.. Two pieces of some kind of knit fabric, and each piece was about 70-80cm in length.. I’m not crazy about it, but it has nice colors and it’s soft and cozy.. The fabric had some print irregularities which I had to avoid while placing the pattern.. I made the neckline less open at the front.. This is one of those 2-3 hours dresses.. Very easy and fast project.. The pattern is very good for every beginner in sewing the knit fabrics.. I didn’t read the instructions, how to sketches were enough for me.. The dress is my favorite right now (it’s not like I have many other options :P)..  

With few modifications Plantain t-shirt pattern (or any other basic t-shirt pattern) can also be used for making a dress very similar to Colette’s Moneta dress.. You just need to change a neckline, cut the shirt pattern at the waist and narrow it for a little bit, and add gathered skirt.. 

I also made the hat.. While I was looking for hats, mittens, shawls, and all the other warm accessories for fieldwork, I stumbled upon this fun hat I knitted couple of years ago.. I wanted to make a striped hat with red and purple wool and pom-poms.. This is the result of my idea.. First 6 rows are K2P2, and the rest of the hat is just K until the point when I started decreasing for the finish.. Nothing complicated..  

Behind the camera – my favorite sister Dina :)


  1. Lovely…. love it with the Docs and the hat it’s super cute !!

  2. The whole outfit is awesome! Also, I'm a big fan of pompoms.

    1. thanks :) I'll sure make at least one more dress with plantain t-shirt pattern, as soon as I find some nice fabric for it :)


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