Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Get Lucky

Once again I’ve made lingerie set for New Year’s eve.. You can see my last years project here.. This time I came across this cute red mesh with hearts.. I immediately knew that it would be perfect for this occasion.. Also, I didn’t have problem finding elastic lace and straps that would go with red mesh.. Making this set is super easy and quick.. I sewed everything on regular sewing machine (no serger).. 

Friday, December 26, 2014


♫ ♪ DIIV - Doused

Couple days ago, when I woke up and saw the sun coming through my windows, I thought, oh no, one more hot sunny day.. Where has winter gone? How can I sew winter clothes when it’s like spring outside? How can I wear all the stuff I knitted when it’s more than 10°C? I love winter and I’m really missing all the happiness that it brings.. Back to the hot day.. It inspired me to make a summer dress for which I had 3 hours.. My plan was to pick a simple dress pattern, combine it with a fabric from my stash, and to finish with sewing until 3 PM when my sister comes home from work so we can go outside and take photos while there’s daylight.. Sadly, I needed 4 hours to finish this dress.. Photo shoot had to be delayed for next day.. On the other hand, sewing a semi lined dress in 4 hours is a kind of success.. Especially after my 2 month break from sewing.. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Broken Toy

While going through my winter wardrobe I’ve noticed that most of my sweaters are gray and black.. That’s why I wanted to make a skirt in brighter color.. I went to the fabric store to find a piece of wool in remnant bin, and the only one I’ve found was this pinkish coral.. Of course, I couldn’t resist when I saw this light gray wool and bought it too.. While looking these two fabrics together I got the idea to make a long sleeve top that would go with the skirt.. That’s how this project started.. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Lonesome

Now when archaeological excavations are finished I finally have time to show you first of two and a half projects I’ve made in last 40 days.. It’s not unusual for me to bring something to knit during free time.. Some of my projects that I’ve already shared on Kollabora (1, 2, 3) traveled with me on excavations and back home..  This time while I was packing I couldn’t decide for which kind of project will I have time and energy to make, so I packed one of my UFO’s and two different yarns of wool.. My UFO are mittens which I’m making without pattern.. Too complicated project for free time after spending all day freezing on fieldwork..