Friday, January 30, 2015

Buanderie Jazz

Ever since I made this skirt I wanted to make another one.. I was pleasantly surprised how comfy it is to wear.. The pattern is #123 from Burda 12/2010, a simple high waisted mini skirt.. Horizontal waist darts at front are a detail that makes different from other skirts.. With my first skirt I was thinking ahead, I didn’t want to make a plain gray velvet skirt, so I embellished the waist line with velvet trims.. 

My second take on this pattern was not so well planned.. I had a small piece of wool fabric, about 0.60 m, a remnant bin find.. On center of that piece there was something written with yellow marker, and it was not removed after washing.. I didn’t have much fabric to work with, but I bought that remnant having this skirt on my mind.. After sewing all pieces together (main fabric and lining), and trying on the skirt, something was missing.. There was nothing interesting.. I delayed sewing the back seam, inserting a zipper and hemming the skirt until I thought of a way to make it better.. It turned out that scallops are my go to technique for making simple lines look more fun, and you’ll be seeing more projects with this detail.. Wide scallops at hemline were the best solution for this skirt..

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got 2 Let U

Crazy ideas came to my mind during bed rest from a cold.. This is a result for one of them.. I wasn’t planning to make another plaid dress any time soon.. I went with this plaid probably because I had a good view on a pile with washed fabrics, which are waiting to be stored in a box.. The idea was to make something like a circle dress.. 

Pattern that I adjusted to my idea is #109 from Burda01/2014.. I wear a lot my first version of that top, in my case tunic.. Love those long sleeves.. For the dress version, I omitted the peplum/skirt part.. Before I started adding fullness to the bodice, I had only a vaguely idea how to do it.. If I didn’t stumble upon this great tutorial for Scout tee complex geometrics by Ebony, I would definitely improvise something without knowing how the result would look.. I wish I could have added more fullness, but I had only about 1.80 m of fabric and I wanted to maintain super long sleeves.. After adjusting the bodice pattern, I added the length to make it into a dress.. Very short dress.. The back part is longer than the front for about 3-5 cm.. Just for fun I added large pockets.. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Thoughts

At last I have finished one of my UFOs – yellow mittens.. For some time I had the idea of knitting yellow mittens.. I found a yarn that I liked, 82% wool and 18% acrylic, Original - Troitsk yarns.. I didn’t try to look for mittens pattern, instead I used only youtube tutorials – Kelley's Mitten Class.. All steps are very well explained and easy to follow.. I love knitting cables and all those fun stuff, so I added the 9-stitch plaits, pattern from my go-to book 400 Knitting Stitches – Great Stitch Patterns.. I don’t have any good reason why it took me a year to finish this project, since it’s only a couple of hours knitting.. Probably because my first mitten was slightly tight, and I decided to knit it all over again.. It was all good from second try..  

Ironically, when it was time to photograph mittens, the weather has completely changed.. A week before, when we took photos for Čarobni akord dress, temperature was from -10 to -20, and now it’s sunny and +10° C.. There was no trace of the snow, so I used dried flowers as props.. 

For the end, since I’m wearing my Pink Elephants dress, I wanted to share with you that this is the dress that was featured in German issue of Burda Style magazine (11/2014).. It all happened while I was away at the archaeological excavations back in November.. I received a mms from my sister with my project on pages of my favorite sewing magazine.. Pure happiness :D Thanks Burda :D

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Čarobni Akord

When I bought this fabric with print of needlepoint flowers and geometric pattern I didn’t have any idea what kind of a dress could I make with it.. I liked the vintage look the fabric had.. It also reminded me of Russian scarfs.. The fabric was sitting in my stash for a year or two.. Before I decided which pattern to use for my Drawing Lines dress, I traced the pattern for a bodice #104 from Burda 01/2013.. While sewing the previous dress with another pattern, I came up with an idea for next project.. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Drawing Lines

My obsession with plaid fabrics and circle skirts continues.. Originally I wanted to make only a full circle skirt, but I immediately changed my plan when I saw this fabric in a store.. The color combination was perfect – black, teal and pale pink.. The fabric is some kind of soft thicker cotton, ideal for winter dress.. Since I knew only that I wanted a dress with a full circle skirt, I needed to pick a pattern for a bodice.. Simple - to make matching of the pattern easier, and with long sleeves - to keep me warm..