Thursday, February 26, 2015


Somewhere at the end of January, I don’t remember on which blog I saw badge for Burda Challenge 2015, and I had to see what’s it all about.. Usually I’m not for challenges.. This one draw my attention because the rules are very simple and easy to follow since I sew mostly using Burda patterns.. At the same time, it’s the only way to try at least one pattern from each issue of Burda during 2015.. In time of crisis I could always switch to an older issue.. Here's my February make.. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


After months of talking about sewing coats, and not making any, Mokosha and I needed to think of a way to make it happen before this winter passes.. We set a deadline, to finish coats until February the 15th.. Which pattern and fabrics Mokosha will use was a mystery to me.. She knew only my fabric choice, since the orange wool and satin with print of ancient Greek coins were the birthday gift from her..  Before my birthday I had some other plans for the coat, but after receiving this solid color wool I switched to the vintage Burda pattern.. I found this pattern a year or two ago, while arranging some of my mom’s books and immediately fell in love with it.. Sometimes it's good to have a home full of surprises.. It is a single pattern #45024 and comes in two sizes 36 and 38/40.. Instructions are in German, and by the hairstyle and pointy collar I date it into early ‘70s.. Maybe it’s even from late ‘60s, I couldn’t find any info about its release.. Soon after finding the pattern I even made a muslin to see if size 36 fits me.. The project was on hold, because I wanted to make the coat in bright solid color, even pink would be an option (as on the pattern photo), but finding the right fabric was a lot harder.. Mokosha really knows which fabrics are best for me :) thanks again :D 

As I have mentioned, the pattern instructions are all in German.. There are some steps in pictures on how to make the coat as you can see on photo above.. I ignored all that (as usual) and made the coat using logic and my experience.. There’s nothing complicated with this pattern or something I haven’t sewn before.. I made a few changes to the pattern.. First, I redrafted the collar, making it slightly smaller, and instead of pointy it’s curved.. Somehow, it looked better to me that way, with all other softer and round shapes the coat has.. My second modification is changing the construction of welt pockets.. Mine are in shape of normal rectangle.. Third and last modification was omitting the cuffs on sleeves.. For them I needed more fabric.. Sewing went without any problems.. For lining of the coat I used satin with print of ancient Greek coins.. Very fun detail for an archaeologist.. The buttons are covered with the fabric I used for coat.. I find it the cheapest and easiest way to have good matching buttons for garments..

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fog Cutter

I adore knitting bobbles, cables and lace, and whenever I see a pattern which combines these three elements I want to try it..  So far, this is the only hat I made for myself this winter.. I used leftover yarn from the cowl I made for my friend.. Yarn is 100% acrylic, but I fell in love with the color.. On photos, as in real life, the color changes depending on the light.. Basically it's mauve..

The pattern for this hat is Gwen Stacy by Hailey Knits.. The great thing about this lovely pattern is that it's free :) Instructions are well written and easy to follow.. There was no need for any changes or adjustments.. I really enjoyed making it.. My hat is a bit larger than the original, because I used larger size needles.. That doesn’t make any problem for me to wear it.. I’m absolutely in love with it :D

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm Aquarius

Last week I had an unplanned birthday party.. I had limited time to prepare everything for that event, including making a birthday dress.. First I thought I had everything under control.. I knew which pattern and fabric I’ll use and I was counting that an evening before the party was enough to sew the dress.. Unfortunately, when I was nearly finished with sewing, while trying the dress on, I hated it.. Dress #1 was too depressive and too hippie, and I felt more than 10 years older wearing it.. Not a good thing.. Maybe I'll show you that dress in future.. At midnight I started thinking of a backup plan because I needed a dress #2..

You may recognize the pattern for dress #2.. It's the pattern #133 from Burda 12/2012.. I’ve used it so many times before (1, 2, 3, 4) and it was a safe option and something I had only couple of hours to make.. To be precise, I had 3 hours before my class for conservation the pottery and an hour or two after that to prepare myself (and all other finishing touches) for the party.. The fabric is very nice cotton with embroidery which is hard to see because it's all black.. I had to add something special to this simple dress and went with horizontal pleats on upper front part of the bodice.. Cute detail for which I had time to make.. Since I didn't have time to redraft the pattern for front bodice, I just marked places I wanted pleats on traced pattern and cut it.. After that I pinned all the cut pieces to the fabric.. I'm happy that everything worked out without any problems.. Because I was in a hurry, the pockets are missing.. Everything else about sewing this pattern you could have read with my previous variations.. I really love how this turned out.. I was missing a little black dress in my wardrobe, although the black is not the best color choice for someone who has albino cat :P 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ice Age

Last year I started making a long super warm coat with pattern #114 from Burda 10/2010.. Since I wear only short dresses, skirts and shorts during the winter, it was logical to have a coat that would keep me a bit warmer when temperatures go under 0 degrees.. I bought very thick plaid wool and padded lining.. I had a limited color choice, and settled with this gray-purple-black plaid.. At least it had some color in it.. The coat seamed as an easy project until I got stuck with few issues.. The first was pleat at the back which looked strange with my thick wool, too many layers at one place.. The collar was a second thing I didn’t like, it was too short.. And the third – it was missing something interesting at front..  My plaid was not fun enough for this simple silhouette.. Last year we had mild winter, and that was my excuse to delay finishing the coat.. When this winter arrived, once again I was ignoring the almost finished project.. I even put it on my mannequin as a constant reminder to do something with it..

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Follow Rivers

These three cowls I made for two of my friends and me.. It all started while we were on archaeological excavations back in November and we discovered a yarn shop in a town we were situated.. Although I packed yarns and needles for knitting, and even had a UFO waiting (my yellow mittens), I just had to buy more yarns..  

The first yarn I bought was this vibrant magenta, impossible to photograph.. At that time I have already finished my first cowl at the excavations, which I wore to the fieldwork.. That’s why I needed one more for everyday life.. I looked for a stitch pattern in a book 400 Knitting Stitches: Great Stitch Patterns, and picked the one called Zigzag Openwork 2.. It was an easy and fun knit.. My only mistake was not making garter stitch at the edges of cowl which might prevent the cowl from rolling in.. 

After seeing how keen I am with knitting, my friend asked me to make her a cowl.. We were both in love with this mauve yarn, and we bought all the yarns they had in store (only 4 of them).. This is one of those yarns that changes color depending on light and surrounding colors.. Sometime it's grayish, or brownish.. My friend Romi gave me all the freedom to pick a stitch for her cowl, and I went with Openwork “VS” from the same book as for my cowl.. This time I added garter stitch at the edges.. Sadly, I don’t have photos of finished cowl and my friend Romi wearing it.. When the excavations were over, I took the cowl home to finish it, and we didn’t have time to photograph it when she was in a visit to Belgrade..  

At some point, we realized that it’s not fair that only two of us have cowls knitted by me, we needed one more for our dear friend Drx, who is part of our excavation crew, but not at the same place with us.. For her we picked up green yarn, and I went with logical choice of Little Pine Cones stitch from my favorite book with knitting stitches.. I added garter stitches at the edges.. This color was also difficult to photograph, but not as much as magenta..