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These three cowls I made for two of my friends and me.. It all started while we were on archaeological excavations back in November and we discovered a yarn shop in a town we were situated.. Although I packed yarns and needles for knitting, and even had a UFO waiting (my yellow mittens), I just had to buy more yarns..  

The first yarn I bought was this vibrant magenta, impossible to photograph.. At that time I have already finished my first cowl at the excavations, which I wore to the fieldwork.. That’s why I needed one more for everyday life.. I looked for a stitch pattern in a book 400 Knitting Stitches: Great Stitch Patterns, and picked the one called Zigzag Openwork 2.. It was an easy and fun knit.. My only mistake was not making garter stitch at the edges of cowl which might prevent the cowl from rolling in.. 

After seeing how keen I am with knitting, my friend asked me to make her a cowl.. We were both in love with this mauve yarn, and we bought all the yarns they had in store (only 4 of them).. This is one of those yarns that changes color depending on light and surrounding colors.. Sometime it's grayish, or brownish.. My friend Romi gave me all the freedom to pick a stitch for her cowl, and I went with Openwork “VS” from the same book as for my cowl.. This time I added garter stitch at the edges.. Sadly, I don’t have photos of finished cowl and my friend Romi wearing it.. When the excavations were over, I took the cowl home to finish it, and we didn’t have time to photograph it when she was in a visit to Belgrade..  

At some point, we realized that it’s not fair that only two of us have cowls knitted by me, we needed one more for our dear friend Drx, who is part of our excavation crew, but not at the same place with us.. For her we picked up green yarn, and I went with logical choice of Little Pine Cones stitch from my favorite book with knitting stitches.. I added garter stitches at the edges.. This color was also difficult to photograph, but not as much as magenta..

Luckily, I had a chance to have photos with Drx.. It was hard to stop laughing like crazy.. Thanks to my patient friend Milica for taking these photos :)  

All the yarns are 100% acrylic from local manufacturer Predionica Vučje (St George).. I’m not a fan of acrylic, and whenever I can, I try to find good quality wool yarns.. Unfortunately, it is harder to do so, because prices of those yarns can be very high for our budget here.. In the end, I came home from the excavations with a bag full of yarns (like we don't have shops selling these yarns in Blegrade)..


  1. Such beautiful vibrant colours! - I don’t know how your winter was but we had such a grey rainy one - these are perfect to brighten up a dull winter :)

    1. thanks Sasha :) winter here is the same.. it's so strange to have a rain in January and February instead of snow.. that's why I'll keep wearing all the colors that I can ;)


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