Monday, March 30, 2015

Heart Of Glass

It looks that I’ve made a break from sewing dresses.. I still don’t know how that happened.. Here is my latest make, also my make for March for Burda Challenge 2015.. From the first moment I saw pattern for this dress I wanted to make it.. To be more precise, there are two versions of this pattern #117 and #118 (Burda 03/2015).. First is a mini wedding dress, and second is a dress with piped seams.. I wanted to mix all elements that I liked into one dress.. This was a perfect opportunity to use piping on a dress.. Also I wanted to make a version with long sleeves as it is with the pattern for a wedding dress because I really liked those cute closures with buttons..

I went through my fabric stash for a few times, and none of the fabrics was good enough.. That’s when I knew it was time for fabric shopping.. Something strange is going on around here, and we are losing our stores with friendly priced fabrics.. I had to think of my budget and buy exact length of the fabric that I needed.. In my case, 1.30m was enough for this dress.. Soon as I saw this cute, super soft viscose I immediately had a picture in my mind.. Black and ivory hearts would go perfectly with turquoise details..  Sewing this dress was a true pleasure.. With the fabric it was love at first touch.. There were no problems with sewing the piping, button loops, or any other detail.. The whole process went smoothly.. I only had to wait for about 10 days to make the smallest size covered buttons..

Friday, March 27, 2015

No Love Lost

At the beginning, I would love to say a few words about this lovely Nettie bodysuit I'm wearing.. It’s not made by me.. A few weeks ago, I asked Mokosha if she would make me Nettie bodysuit from Closet Case Patterns and she immediately sad yes! I always wanted to have someone who would sew something for me (birthday presents are not included!) and now I’m so happy (хвала мачко :D ).. You can see versions she made for herself here and here.. I had this cute knit fabric, orange with birds print, in my stash for couple of years.. I was saving it for something special - like Nettie.. I picked the version with high neck, medium back and long sleeves.. Low back I like the most, but the fabric was too thin for that version.. One more problem was the stretch of the fabric.. Both of us didn’t notice that the fabric stretches only in two ways, instead in four.. Luckily, I don’t have a problem wearing it :) My only part of the work was getting snaps for crotch closure.. I’m in love with my first Nettie, and I can’t wait to get some more :D But it looks like I’ll be the one sewing them in future..

Now about my make.. These days I’m experimenting with drafting patterns and this is my first wearable muslin for a skirt.. For a while I wanted to make a skirt with scallops at waistband.. I imagined that it would look nice with a simple top..  Since this was a muslin, I simply had to add a scalloped hemline, only to see if it would be too many scallops in one garment.. I took basic skirt sloper, added pockets and waistband.. Drafting scallops and making them to run in continuity was once again easy.. I’m really not sure which forces are helping me to get them right every time with all different measurements I use..  In my stash I had this navy cotton, about 60-70 cm of length, which I bought long time ago for sewing a shorts.. Since I don’t need one more navy shorts, I used it for this skirt.. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Blue Blood

I’m not in a phase of making shirts (at least not yet).. This shirt predates my Star Wars shirt.. I made it a year and a half ago, but it had a problem which I delayed fixing until today.. I used pattern #105 from Burda 09/2009.. A classic shirt with long sleeves, and 2 small pleats at cuffs.. Sewing the collar and details at cuffs went pleasantly well.. Everything was ruined when I attached the sleeves to the armhole.. It looked like I had more fabric on sleeve cap than I could set in to armhole.. Too many puckering at seams.. First I decided to ignore that, and I even wore the shirt like that couple of times.. Then I decided to find a way to resolve that problem.. After my interventions, that seam was still wrong.. The shirt went on my “to fix” pile and stayed there until now..

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Lung

More than half a year ago my friends gave me a late birthday present - shirt collar brooches with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.. Perfect gift for someone who’s a big fan of all fun Star Wars stuff.. I was only missing a dark side shirt.. My twisted mind knew exactly which fabric would be the best choice for the shirt.. I saw the fabric couple months before, and at first glance it reminded me of Star wars.. Even when I described it to my friends I was calling in the Star Wars fabric.. In real life (as you can see), normal person don’t see much resemblance with SW.. The print is more like some kind of ethno motif.. Unfortunately, that fabric was no longer available in Belgrade stores.. That’s why I decided to wait for a while.. Smart choice in this case.. During my visit to Italy back in September, I found my SW fabric in their local store.. Pure happiness :) But the prices were much higher than in Belgrade :( I bought only 1 m of this fabric..

For making this shirt I combined two Burda patterns and my ideas to get the shape I wanted.. The main thing was a classic collar.. Once again I really enjoyed sewing the collar.. It may be one of my favorite things to sew.. It’s easy to make everything look so neat.. I can never get enough of matching the fabric patterns and that’s why I wanted for my shirt to have a yoke and button placket.. The shirt has only bust darts.. There was not enough fabric for long sleeves, and that’s why I made a simple short ones.. Loose fit with this rayon fabric is perfect for spring/summer..