Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Different Arrangement

By now you may have noticed that I like to use basic patterns and make things a bit different.. This time I played with a shirt pattern #135 from Burda 02/2013.. It’s a pattern for a very simple bow shirt.. What I liked with this pattern is the construction of sleeves.. There are darts on sleeve cap and (in my opinion) it’s easier to sew them to armscye.. Here you can see my first two versions of this top..

The first is made from rayon, red with brownish stripes.. Instead of sewing the bow, I drafted a collar..  I wanted to play a bit with direction of stripes and I like the result.. The fabric was leftover from one of my older projects.. I didn’t have it a lot, so after cutting bodice and collar parts I used the rest for the sleeves..

For the second top I used gray lightweight cotton.. I liked how my birthday dress looked with the pleats, so I did the same thing here.. I think the top would look better if I added at least two more pleats, but it’s also okay like this.. Once again I made shorter sleeves.. The neckline is finished with bias tape..

This time my favorite sister Dina is in front of the camera ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Melody Of A Fallen Tree

If everything went as it was planned, right now, I would be home in Belgrade.. But, somehow, this whole trip to Berlin turned out so strange, but in a good way ;) For the end, destiny decided that my friend and I couldn't go back to Belgrade because of rail strike in Germany.. We're still waiting to see when will our train to Budapest start functioning again.. Until that happens we're stuck in Berlin :D This trip was also the reason why I was silent last 10 days.. Sorry for that..

Now a few words about the dress I've made for my favorite sister.. The whole idea started when I bought this brownish fabric.. I thought that my sister would like that color, and it was time for a new experiment with lace insertion.. The fabric is made from woven black and orange fibers, and that gives copper-brownish as a result.. Since there was black in fabric, it was okay to use black cotton lace trim.. For the dress I combined two safe patterns that I've already used for my sister.. The bodice is pattern #133 from Burda 08/2012 (previously used for this dress), and the pleated skirt I took from a dress #124 from Burda 05/2007.. I wanted to have more freedom for paying with lace trims, and that's why I decided this time to make the pattern only on the back..

I'm happy that my sister is very pleased with the result.. The fit is perfect and she looks so lovely wearing it :) At first glance she thought that the lace pattern is on front of the bodice, but I thought that it would be too much as it's very see through.. This way the dress is appropriate for work and after work..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lonely Streets

I wanted to make this wrap blouse since the pattern was released more than a year ago.. It’s the pattern #115 from Burda 04/2014..  So many lovely makes I’ve seen on BurdaStyle so I had to make one for myself.. I had perfect fabric in my stash, soft purple rayon.. Adding scalloped edges was my only modification.. In the meantime I made various other projects with scallops, and probably bored many of you with it.. I guess I delayed starting this project in fear of making scallops with rayon.. I thought it would be more complicated than with some firmer fabrics that I’ve used before, but I was wrong.. Scallops turned out neat, and the fabric drapes nicely.. This will surely be my most worn blouse this spring..

We had Easter yesterday and I want to show you how my Galaxy Easter Eggs turned out.. Usually I ignore all religious stuff, but this year my sister wanted me to make Easter eggs.. At first I didn’t want to do it, until she said out loud – tutorial for Galaxy Easter Eggs.. Of course I had to take a look at tutorial.. I’m freshly done with the course for conservation-restoration  of archaeological ceramics, and the way these eggs are painted is the same way we were thought to paint plaster we added in restauration of missing parts of the vessels – using acrylic colors, brushes and sponges.. The only thing we learned different is using toothbrush for making splatter.. I must add that it was more fun to work with colors that are not some kind of reddish, grayish or brownish shades as prehistoric pottery usually is.. 

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Milk And Black Spiders

I’ve found new fun technique to sew – lace insertion! For some time I wanted to try it and now you can see my first project.. I picked a simple and loose bodice for this dress, so I could make arranging trims for the first time easier.. Basically, I took the bodice and sleeves from Stylish Dress Book, but not from any particular pattern.. All patterns in the book are like playing with Lego, you can easily combine parts you want without making any adjustments.. The skirt is simple gathered rectangle from the fabric that was left.. I was afraid that inserting lace trims would not be easy with this rayon fabric.. Luckily, that wasn’t the case, and everything went smoothly..

I found this tutorial for lace insertion.. Easy to figure out only by looking at photos.. My cotton trim is very simple, not a true lace.. Because my trim is sheer, I decided to place it at the upper part of the front bodice.. The pattern for trim I made by myself.. Just started playing with the trim, and it all fall into place.. I placed one trim to go from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.. That way there are no visible shoulder seams.. The neckline is finished with black cotton bias tape.. I think it goes well with the trim..