Friday, May 29, 2015


I’m late with projects for Burda 2015 Challenge.. I didn’t manage to finish April’s make on time.. I stopped working on my dress after tracing the pattern.. Month later, the dress is finished.. I really liked all three versions of wrap dress from Burda 04/2015.. I picked the cap sleeve version #121, the other two patterns you can see here and here..

The dress from the magazine is made from striped fabric and I wanted to make something similar.. In my stash I found this forgotten striped cotton fabric.. There is more than 20 pattern pieces for this dress and it was fun to put them together.. As usual, I all my concentration was devoted to matching the stripes and it was very successful.. My skirt is shorter than the pattern suggests.. I wanted to sew those large pockets but they didn’t look good with shorter skirt.. That's why once again I don't have pockets on a garment.. I made one more change with my dress.. I skipped sewing the two ties that make a cute bow and went only with snap closure..  

The fit of the dress is great.. I’m still not sure if I would keep this dress for myself.. It looks a bit too serious for me.. Probably because of the lapels.. If I find time, I would love to make a version without the lapels because I like other details on this dress..

Behind the camera – my dear friend Mokosha

Friday, May 22, 2015

This Magic Moment

During last year finding good and interesting fabrics in stores where I usually buy them was almost impossible.. There was nothing new and fun.. Everything that I liked I already had in my stash.. Great remnant bin finds were thing of a past.. Until my recent visit when I was blown away with fabric selection.. There were too many incredible finds, and had to control myself because it’s not like I have unlimited budget for fabric shopping..

The fabric that I used for this set was a remnant bin find.. It’s kind of a stiffer cotton for bedding, only 1 m of length, but 2.20 m of width!! I love this color combination, and large flower print screamed for a simple pattern.. I knew that it is a prefect fabric for making Tate Top, free sewing pattern from Workroom Social.. I saw many variations popping around sewing community, and loved very much this cropped version.. For this top you need small amount of fabric.. It can easily be made from leftover fabrics.. To my cropped version of Tate Top I added only an inch of length so I could feel more comfortable wearing it..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blue Neck Riviera

This is the third and the last dress I photographed during my short stay on island of Brač (Croatia).. Unlike first two dresses that I’ve made especially for this occasion (1, 2), this one is an older make.. Probably from 2-3 years ago.. As you may have noticed, during summer I love wearing easy dresses.. Summers in Belgrade are extremely hot last couple of years.. Loosely fitted dresses made of light fabrics are most comfortable garments I choose to wear..

For making this simple dress I used pattern for the tank top  #104 from Burda 08/2011.. This was the third time that I’ve used it.. Once for making this top, and second time for making this dress.. For all of three projects I used modified version with scooped back.. I added gathered skirt to the bodice and that’s all.. The fabric I used is rayon, my favorite for summer.. I had a lot of that fabric, enough for making a skirt for this dress too..  

Monday, May 11, 2015


The name for this project comes from the song that came straight to our mind when my friends and I were traveling to island of Brač (Croatia).. Ferry from Split goes to the town Supetar on Brač.. You can see similarity.. Every time someone mentioned Supetar, you could hear our friend Sandrolinija singing Supe(rs)tar.. That’s only one of those small things that made this trip fun..

This dress was the second project I managed to make for this trip (here's the first one).. I had the idea for it before my trip to Italy last September, but didn’t have time to sew it.. The only dress I made for my visit to Italy is this one.. At that time I bought this lightweight cotton with stripes.. My original idea was a bit different than what I’ve made now.. I wanted to make chevron pattern on the bodice with this stripy fabric.. I gave up that idea because I didn’t have time for experiments.. It was easier and safer to sew all bodice pieces with stripes going horizontally.. I drafted the pattern for the bodice.. I started with basic pattern for leather bustier I used a couple of times before (1, 2, 3), and completely changed the back.. I wanted open back with spaghetti straps crossing there.. A dress that would scream summer and seaside.. I made the skirt longer than usual.. The dress is fully lined.. Because the fabric is so thin and see through, for bodice lining I used navy cotton, and for the skirt I used the same fabric as for the rest of the dress..

Friday, May 8, 2015


Last week was unbelievably crazy for me.. I just came back from Berlin and very spontaneously ended up on a trip to the island of Brač (Croatia) three days later..  Just five of us, packed in one car, were on our way to spend the best May 1 ever.. I had very little time to prepare myself for this adventure.. To be more precise, only day and a half.. I was with Mokosha in our workshop, working on my April project for Burda Challenge 2015, when the decision to travel to Brač was made.. When I realized that I’ll spend next couple of days by the sea, I stopped working on challenge and switched to a new project appropriate for the seaside..

I knew exactly which pattern I wanted to use, but I had to find a perfect fabric from my stash.. While I was in Berlin I bought Burda Easy SS15.. I’m in love with all variations of pattern #4 and I’ll probably make them all at some point.. My first make is #4C, very simple loosely fitted summer dress with V back.. This is one of the easiest dresses I ever made.. There are no bust, or any kind of darts on the bodice and the skirt is made of two gathered rectangles.. The fabric I used is lightweight cotton with tribal print, very sheer.. It was one of those good remnant bin finds.. I had two pieces of the fabric, which made pattern matching easier.. The dress is fully lined with white cotton fabric.. Since both layers are very light, this is one of those dresses I will wear often during summer.. And summer is already here in Belgrade..