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My visit to Berlin would be described better as my visit to Neukölln.. That’s where my friends and I spent almost all of our time.. It was all about Balkan people, beer, punk and having fun.. One of rare Germans I met there was lovely Anne whose makes you can see only on Kollabora.. We went together to the Turkish market for fabric shopping.. There was one booth with tons of crazy print fabrics and I had a problem picking only couple of them.. As Anne says, I even infected her to buy colorful fabric.. For me only one visit to the Turkish market wasn’t enough, I had to go back on Tuesday and buy a few more fabrics..

The fabric I used for this dress is find from my visit to the Turkish market with Anne.. I bought only 1m of it, with the idea to make a simple shift dress.. I fell in love with this paisley print cotton.. I couldn't make a plain shift dress.. I had to ad an interesting detail to simple silhouette.. Only thing that came to my mind was some kind of an open back.. I looked around the web for inspiration and in the end came up with design that you see.. The pattern for this dress is #109 from Burda 04/2013 (AB).. I changed the back completely.. It was easy to hand draft..

I managed to make this dress completely from only 1m of the fabric that I had.. There was a smaller fit problem, I had to take it in around the bust and waist.. Also, it would be smarter if I added waist darts at front and at the back of the dress.. Anyways, I’m really happy with the outcome.. At one point I was afraid that I ruined this lovely fabric (I didn’t make a muslin), but in the end everything turned out great..

Behind the camera - my dear friend Mokosha :D


  1. uuu al sam pokidala ovu izbliza fotku, kad se vide samo makazice i duge trepavice :p

    1. super su sve fotke, ali ta poslednja je i meni najbolja :) upravo zbog tih detalja koji i nemaju bas veze s haljinom :P bar se vidi materijal izbliza ;) savrseno obavljen posao :D

  2. Thatt's funny: My name is Anne, I live in Berlin and if there was one thing I would have recommended to do in Berlin it would have been Maybachufer (Turkish market). So, good for you, you found another Anne in Berlin who told you just the same :)
    Oh and I adore the back of that dress. Really pretty!

    1. I'm so happy that I got to see Turkish market since I haven't seen most of Berlin :) Luckily it was 15 min walk from friends place where I was staying.. I'll have to go there again, but like a real tourist, not just to hang out with friends :D
      thanks :D


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