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I’m a bit late with showing you my monthly projects for Burda Challenge 2015.. This dress is my make for May.. In Burda 05/2015 there wasn’t a pattern that looked interesting enough to give it a try.. This was a good opportunity to try a pattern from one of numerous vintage Burda issues from ‘70s and ‘80s that I recently got my hands on, as a gift from my grandfather’s wife.. 

My main problem with patterns from older Burda issues are sizes.. Only one pattern per issue is given in multi size.. All other patterns are in one or two sizes.. Since I don’t know (yet) how to resize a one size pattern, I can make only garments in my size.. The smallest size is 34 but it’s very rare, so I decided to use 36.. With more fitted pattern I will see if that’s the right choice for me.. Unfortunately most of the patterns that I like are in larger sizes..

After taking a look at all May’s issues that I had from ‘70s and ‘80s I decided to try this wrap dress with open back.. The pattern is #8919 from Burda 05/1979.. From the same issue I liked two more patterns, and I hope that I’ll have time to try them this summer.. My only change to the pattern is making the skirt shorter instead of maxi.. I had 1.5 m of this viscose fabric, which was enough for the length of the skirt that you see on me.. This is one of those projects for which I’ve used all the fabric, not a scrap was left, not even for the drawstring around the neckline.. For that I used black cotton bias tape..   

Pattern #8919 from Burda 05/1979
Behind the camera - my dear friend Mokosha


  1. Great project, Tea! I love your fabric choice.

  2. This is a seriously pretty dress. It's utterly perfect :)

  3. I LOVE IT! Open back dresses are my all time favorites! And, it's a wrap dress!? Double win!

  4. Great vintage look and your fabric is lovely!

  5. I actually think the bias tape for the neck strap makes it look even more modern and cool :) And I totally love the way the back is wrapped, that's a really pretty detail! Nice work!

  6. It's gorgeous! Might you make the maxi version one day?

    1. thanks :) after making one maxi dress I realized that there's too much fabric around my legs for my taste, so no more maxi dresses for me.. midi skirts are more practical ;)

  7. Hi, How can I get a copy of this pattern? Thanks



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