Golden Dreams

You have already seen the birthday dress that I've made for my sister Dina.. For her birthday party I wanted to make a new dress for myself too.. In my fabric stash one special fabric was waiting to be made into a cute dress.. All I needed was to find the pattern that would complement this lovely cotton print that I bought on Turkish market in Berlin.. When I saw this fabric I immediately fell in love with color palette and this kind of doodle print.. I estimated well that 1.5 m would be enough to sew a dress..

I didn’t have much time for sewing the dress.. Actually, I made it on the day of my sister’s party.. All I needed was a simple, but interesting bodice that would go nicely with a full circle skirt.. The fabric is a bit stiffer and gathered skirt wouldn't look good with it.. That's why I wanted to make a full circle skirt.. The pattern that I used for the bodice is #116 from Burda 10/2010.. Cap sleeves are cute, but this time I decided to make a sleeveless dress.. It looked easier that way, and faster.. Only the bodice is lined.. The skirt is cut from one piece of fabric and has only one seam at the back.. Better excuse for not making the pockets instead of usual laziness..

As you can imagine, I love the outcome.. At the party we both wore dresses made from fabrics that I brought from Berlin.. The only a bit inconvenient thing with this dress is the bustline.. Although it doesn't look low, it is very open..

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. Interesting necline Tea, along with the fabric it really makes the dress!i do believe that the fabric is more important than the pattern, a beautiful fabric dosent need any fancy pattern to give a beautiful dress and the one you used does the job.

  2. Beautiful work! I would never have guessed you turned this dress out in an afternoon. It looks really beautiful! I'm too slow to attempt making a dress the same day I plan to wear it. :-D

  3. Very interesting neckline! And I love the fabric, enjoy the dress!

  4. You made this dress on the day of the party? You are amazing!! The print is so lovely. Love the shape of the bodice and the circle skirt.

  5. Wahouuuu ! I bought this pattern last year as I really love this dress but I was afraid that the neckline is going to be too open on me (and showing too much). When I see your version I'm just not so sure anymore and might give it a go! As always, I really love this dress on you! It's so elegant!

    1. The neckline is open, but the dress is so cute that I don't mind making other people happy ;) You should definitely give it a try :) thanks so much :)

  6. Pretty dress! I could never wear something like this unfortunately (too much bust for these kind of designs, I fear) but think that the bustline design looks great, nevertheless. The fabric is also very nice.

  7. What an adorable print! And what an awesome backdrop you've got! That can't be topped! (get it? Topped? Cause it's the TOP of the building? Ok I'll stop now...) ;)


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