You Take My Breath Away

This was the dress that I had on my mind when I saw the pattern #133 for teen girls in Burda 06/2015.. As I wrote in my earlier post, I had to make a test version to see if the largest girls size would fit me well.. Luckily, girls size 158 is almost like women’s 34.. After making black top I was ready for my midi dress.. Originally I wanted to make a maxi dress.. I thought about that idea for a while and decided to make a midi length skirt instead of maxi because I find it more practical.. With maxi dresses and skirts there is too much fabric around my legs, I always have to watch not to step on the skirt if I’m going upstairs or downstairs, and they get dirty easily because they are near the ground.. Midi length is perfect for me..

For the dress I picked yellow rayon fabric.. The fabric and the color are great for the summer.. The dress is constructed of two layers.. The upper layer is like a top, and the lower layer is the dress.. Only four parts to sew together, plus straps.. It can not go wrong.. I cut the skirt at the shortest length that was given for girls, instead of the length for size 158.. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add an elastic at the waistline or not.. When I finished with sewing the dress I tried it on and it was too baggy on me, without any shape.. That’s why I added the elastic..

The dress was one more of my faves for this season.. Only bad thing is that the fabric wrinkles easily.. That small fact aside, I really love how comfy the dress is.. My sister also liked this dress very much and she took the opportunity while I'm still on archaeological fieldwork to take this dress for herself.. Now I'll have to make another one for myself ;)

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. Love this so much! What a gorgeous dress, no wonder your sister stole it:) Good job the girls sizes were suitable.

  2. love it Tea, love the colour and the desighn and how beautifully the fabric drapes. Lucky you to fit in girl's sizes :)

  3. Your sister is right to steal it! I would do the same, so gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I love this! Both the colour and the fit is stunning. Great job :-)

  5. Your projects are so amazing, I'm very inspired :)
    Great style, great taste.


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