Friday, August 28, 2015


It’s been a while since my last post.. I had a shorter break in making garments for myself.. This dress that you see is also not for me.. I’m showing you this dress as part for Burda Challenge 2015, my make for July (oh yes, I’m a bit late).. As you know by now I love simple comfy dresses so I wanted to try pattern #115 from Burda 07/2015.. Since I discovered a fabric store where I can find solid color rayon, I simply want to play more with making interesting details.. Making pleats is not new for me.. You can see that the idea comes from this dress, but I also used it on this shirt.. The main thing is that pleats are easy to make and give nice effect to garments.. With this rayon fabric they also drape nicely.. 

This time I had enough fabric for making my idea come true.. I calculated well to have 8 pleats on front part of the bodice.. The back piece of the bodice I made from one piece.. I don’t understand why in the instructions the back is made from two pieces.. The back seam doesn’t have any function since this dress doesn’t need a zipper.. The skirt is made from 2 gathered rectangles.. First I finished the hemline, and then I started making pleats until I got to desired length.. There is an elastic at the waistline to give a shape to this dress.. I didn’t make cap sleeves..