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The idea for this dress was on my mind for quite a while.. After sewing this wrap dress from Stylish Dress Book – Clothing for everyday wear I wanted to experiment more..  I liked the back of that dress and the tie bow on front.. What I didn’t like was loose fit around the waist.. I thought that it would look nicer if it had better fit around the waist.. That’s how I came up with this wrap dress with loosely fitted bodice, tight at the waist, deep V on back and simple gathered skirt..

For this little experiment I used a rayon fabric I bought long time ago, which I was saving for a maxi summer dress (before I made one and realized that maxi dresses are not for me).. Although it would be logical to alter the pattern from Stylish Dress Book, I didn’t do that.. My plan was to gather all the fabric from bodice and the skirt at the waistband.. There was no need for bust darts.. The trickiest part was fitting the back so the edges of the bodice were not too loose (although it looks interesting that way too).. Cutting waistband pieces I left for the end, because I wasn’t sure if I’ll have enough fabric for making a bow or not.. It turned out that I had to make it with snap closure at the back.. I think it’s even better that way, a bow would probably be too much..

I’m very pleased with how this experiment turned out.. Now when I look at the finished dress I think that it would look better with slightly less fabric at the waist.. For next try I’ll now to cut bodice parts about 2 cm shorter.. Also I’ll have to do this trick for hiding bra straps.. I love when everything is on it’s place..   

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. This dress is fantastic!! I love your creations and this one is gorgeous. I want one! (but seriously the fabric goes perfectly with the pattern you made up. It's flattering and original at the same time, a win!).

    1. thanks so much :) I'm glad that I had this fabric in my stash for so long, and that I've used it for this dress :) it's always nice to make a little experiment with pattern making.. especially if the result turns out great (like in this case ;))

  2. Gorgeous dress! The fabric is so pretty and that V back is just fabulous! Love it!

  3. Gorgeous dress Tea! The drape of the fabric is just perfect. Great bra tip - that would solve a lot of sliding necklines ;)


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