No Disappearing

Recently I was in a shop where I found this gorgeous yellow fabric.. It’s hard to find fun bright color fabrics, especially in this time of year.. There was only 95 cm left on the roll.. Quickly I calculated that it would be enough for a skirt and I bought it.. I was hypnotized with the color and I forgot to ask what kind of fabric it is.. I guess it’s some kind of cotton, perfect for a pleated skirt.. 

I have already made this kind of skirt.. I had all the measurements written down, so it should have been an easy project.. The skirt has pockets in side seams, lining, and I used the bias tape for the hemline because I didn’t want it to be too short.. The lining and the bias tape I had in my stash.. The inside of the skirt is more fun with all those polka dots and stripes.. Instead of sewing buttons and buttonholes I put snaps on closure.. It looks neater that way (and it’s faster)..

Since I made this skirt before, I thought that it would have been a quick make, but it wasn’t.. I followed my notes and everything was going well.. After sewing the waistband to the skirt and finishing all the topstitching I tried it on.. I was very confused when I saw that it was about 10 cm larger at my waist.. Accidentally I cut the waistband 10 cm longer and didn't realize it until I put on the skirt.. That was a mistake I could easily fix.. The process of ripping all the waistband seams was boring.. I had to add a few more pleats to the skirt and everything was perfect in the end.. 

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. Gotta hate those simple mistakes - they're easy fixed but still a pain in the butt! I love the yellow of your skirt, and you're right the inside is lovely

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    1. Sorry, nothing sinister just a double post for some reason!

  3. So cute! It's refreshing to see vibrant colors in winter, just what is needed to brighten up everybody's mood :-)

  4. Lovely colour and those insides bits are great too!

  5. This skirt is a work of art! Love the interior, but the sunshiny yellow is just perfect for a winter (and summer) skirt. In fact, some would say it's just perfect, full stop!


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