Stay Outside

I made Rosa jacket from Vintage Burda Pattern Collection kit! When I saw patterns from this bundle I was immediately in love with patterns for outerwear – Rosa jacket and Kim coat.. Both are simple and I like how although they are labeled as vintage they can look very modern.. Unfortunately I had fabric only for Rosa jacket.. Kim coat will have to wait until I find some yellow wool.. Better photos and technical sketches of the patterns from Vintage Burda Pattern Collection Kit you can see here..  

Pattern for Rosa jacket is very simple.. The jacket has no collar, no pockets, two front pieces with only bust darts, sleeves with elbow darts.. Only back piece has a bit of fun and gives interesting details to this jacket.. There are pleats on shoulders and 3 darts at bottom of the back piece.. I wanted to make this jacket in brighter solid color fabric.. I wasn’t sure how pleats on the back of the shoulders would look like in a finished garment so I went with the fabric from my stash.. I found 1.5 m of this thin black and blue plaid wool, which was enough for making Rosa jacket.. I didn’t do any adjustments to the pattern.. I just added welt pockets, because it’s more practical if the jacket has pockets.. Instead of sewing invisible snaps on the jacket I made button holes and buttons covered with the fabric I used for the jacket.. For the lining I used gray stretch satin with white polka dots.. Satin is my go to fabric for linings of jackets and coats.. Usually it's easy to sew, and you can just slip into the garment which is not the case if one uses fabrics like cotton.. 

With the materials I used this jacket is more suitable for autumn and warmer winter days.. As usual it was fun matching lines of the fabric pattern.. Sewing the jacket was very easy.. Pockets were the most complicated part.. I was even thinking about placing them in side seams, but I wanted a bit of challenge with this project since everything else was so simple.. In the end I like the outcome.. The front is more interesting with buttons and welt pockets.. Basically, this is a kind of oversized jacket.. Even the back doesn’t look so strange with the pleats.. I love those darts at the bottom, they make jacket hug the body keeping it warmer that way.. Now I hope that I’ll soon have the fabric for Kim coat.. From this Vintage Burda bundle on my to make list are also the Capri sunsuit, Grace dress and Mary top.. 

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. une bien belle veste qui vous va très bien. un bien joli modèle .

  2. This looks great. I've just added this into my burda favourites so it's great to see it made up!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the fabric!


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