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At the end of the summer I made this lovely blouse from the finest lightweight cotton I ever bought.. A year earlier I found this fabric in a store, only 70 cm length was left.. I wasn’t sure should I buy it or not.. That particular fabric store has a bad policy of not giving any discount on last remaining pieces on the role, and the fabric was a bit expensive for my budget.. I loved the print and the colors very much, so I decided to buy it.. I was sure that I’ll find a blouse pattern for such a small amount of fabric.. 

Pattern #121 from Burda 07/2010 I wanted to try for a long time.. It is a very simple blouse pattern.. Sleeves are part of upper bodice parts, which made it easier for using small amount of fabric best way possible..  I was very happy when I succeeded placing all pattern pieces on fabric.. With this fabric making shoulder frills would be too much, so I skipped that part.. Also I didn’t have any more fabric for that detail.. If my memory is not wrong, this was the first time I made the invisible placket on a shirt.. Much easier than the regular one.. I love how neat everything turned out.. For the finishing touch I picked mother of pearl buttons for my blouse.. 

The skirt is also made by me.. It is just a simple full circle skirt, not much to tell about it.. For this one I used 1.5 m of fabric and I spent an hour, or a bit more for making this one.. There’s only one seam at the back, waistband and an invisible zipper.. 

Behind the camera - Mokosha :)


  1. Blouse is so cute. I also want to try this pattern, looks like I have now lovely inspiration :)

    1. thank you :) I already have a fabric for another version of this blouse :) can't wait to see your make :D

  2. The fabric is really beautiful! It's great that you were able to find a perfect pattern to pair it with! I think you made the right choice with the shoulder frills. It looks beautiful exactly as it is!


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