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I really love making dresses from plaid fabrics.. I was happy when I found three pieces of this lovely soft cotton fabric in remnant bin.. Two pieces of 0.5 m of length, and the third one was about 0.65 m.. Color combo is also great, gray and navy with fuchsia and a bit of white and yellow.. I only needed to figure out which pattern would be most suitable to use.. 

The pattern #123 from Burda 08/2015 was the best match.. This kind of a silhouette is not something I usually sew, but I wanted to give it a try.. The longest piece of fabric was enough for making a skirt, and other two were perfect for bodice and sleeves.. Also, I had to think about matching the plaid in the best way possible.. Fabric pieces dictated the length of sleeves and skirt.. Sleeves are a bit longer, and the skirt is shorter than suggested in pattern instructions.. I was missing a special detail on my dress, so I drafted a collar.. 

The dress turned out better than I imagined.. I love how I matched the fabric pattern.. The collar is still my favorite part.. The dress is very comfy to wear.. At the waistline the dress is not tight and fitted.. There is room for food and drinks ;)

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina


  1. Such a great fabric and pattern combination! Makes me want to sew up some plaid.

  2. Excellent plaid, so impressed you got it out of 3 remnants! The addition of the collar is perfect, great with pink lips and tights ;o)

  3. amazing how you made this with such a short amount of fabric and I can't imagine it without the collar, interesting detail!

  4. I love how the two pink stripes are going down the front. This is really pretty

  5. So pretty! I am so impressed by your plaid matching skills.

  6. The spoon and fork compliment the look! :)
    Great job drafting the neckline!


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