Take Me Away

I’ve been delaying showing this dress for more than two months.. It’s my make for October as part of Burda Challenge 2015.. I was waiting to photograph September's make, but that’s still on waiting list.. Now, when spring officially started, I present you photos of my dress taken at the beginning of January, when we had one and only good snow this year (at least that I’ve seen)..

I wanted to make this dress last year.. I even bought fabric at that time, but the project waited for another winter.. Pattern for this dress is #101 from Burda 10/2014.. I liked it very much at first glance.. One of those rare patterns where I didn't want to make any changes.. It has a lot of pieces to put together, which looked fun.. Also, it’s a good way for combining two (or more) fabrics.. I had a lot of luck with finding the fabrics.. I found these two wool fabrics in one store.. Both are made from same color combination of threads – black and mauve, but with different type of weaving one is darker.. It's hard to see that difference on snowy photos.. You can see it better on last two photos, that's how the fabrics look in real life.. 

Sewing the dress went smoothly, without any problems.. I really enjoyed the whole process.. I didn’t make any alterations.. Fabrics that I used don’t have any stretch, and that wasn’t a problem.. I made lining only for the skirt.. The dress is a bit stiff because of my fabric choice.. Every time I put it on I feel like I’m wearing an armor.. A very warm armor.. That’s always a plus for winter garments.. 

Behind the camera - Mokosha & Sandrolinija :)




  1. that colorblocking is so excellent! i love picturing you gals taking pics ;)

  2. This is lovely! I am also glad to find out I am not the only one posting pictures of snow in March :)

  3. The dress looks so good on you! The positioning of the darker blocks is really flattering

  4. You are an amazing seamstress and pattern maker. The dress looks great on you.


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