I love making and wearing shirt dresses.. This time I wanted to try a pattern I haven’t used before.. In Burda issue 09/2013 there are three shirt pattern variations which I liked (#115, 116 and 117).. I combined two patterns for making my dress.. Basically I used #117 for the bodice.. I wanted my dress to be fit at the waistline, and that pattern has waist darts along with bust darts.. I only took collar shape from shirt #115.. When I picked the fabric for my dress, I decided to make ¾ sleeves.. This shirt has hidden button closure.. It turned out very easy to make.. Only thing that I have to remember for next time is first to sew skirt to the bodice, and then to make button closure.. I was anxious to see how the closure will look, and first I sew the closure only at the bodice.. Unpicking the seams was not complicated and everything still looks neat.. Only the first button I left visible, cute red heart-shaped button.. The rest of the buttons are simple round red ones.. 

I used rayon fabric for my button-down dress.. As I mentioned a dozen times before, it’s my favorite fabric for sewing and wearing.. This flower print fabric was waiting in my stash for years and I love the outcome.. Maybe it would look better if I made it with visible buttons and shorter sleeves.. All in all it’s a great dress for spring/summer weather here in Belgrade.. 

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina :)


  1. Wow, I love everything abot this dress: the print, the sleeves, the collar, the flowy skirt, the cute button... It's perfect!

  2. very nice! beautiful print and great make, looks very nice on you

  3. I like how clean the hidden buttons looks with the one button showing at the top. I think it shows off the lovely flower print well.

  4. Wow that's a great design, looks "cosmic". Those shoes are nice as well.


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