Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Delirium

Here is one of my new favorite two piece sets I made for myself.. The idea came to my mind when I bought this gorgeous rayon fabric with color splatters all over it.. Almost all the colors that I love these days in one place.. A bit chaotic and artsy.. I loved the fabric so much that I wanted to make everything with it.. After shorter thinking I decided that the skirt would be the most wearable garment.. Summer is almost here, and rayon skirt perfect for hot days.. The pattern is self drafted.. You can see my previous version here.. It is a pleated skirt with snap closure at front, and pockets in side seams.. I was so happy to finally use snaps in color, in this case pink.. To be honest, I had a problem choosing between green and pink ones.. The green snaps are in the exactly same shade of green as is the green on the fabric.. In the end I picked pink ones because they stand out more with all the colors on the fabric.. The skirt is very easy to make.. It takes me about 2, 2 and a half hours to make one.. This time I made it in midi length, inspired with one of my last year most worn skirts you have seen here.. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pocket Calculator

Back in February,  I was approached from Megan Nielsen patterns to be a pattern tester for their new skirt pattern - Axel Skirt.. It is a basic skirt pattern that comes in 3 variations, and it’s for knit fabrics.. To be honest, at first glance I wasn’t sure if that’s the right pattern for me.. Fitted skirts don’t look good on my body type, and I rarely sew knit fabrics.. I give it a thought for a little, and decided to look at it as a challenge.. It’s nice from time to time to make something different, and I don't regret it.. 

I liked two versions of Axel skirt, the one with a slit, and the one with hip sashes.. At the begining I wasn't sure which one would I make.. I left that decision for after I find the fabric.. In the first store where I started looking for my fabric I saw this fabric made from black and white threads creating a pattern that reminded me of no signal on TV.. One more thing that I liked, both sides of the fabric could be used as a right side.. I immediately knew that it would look great for a skirt version with hip sashes (version 2).. The fabric looked warm, which was very important to me on that cold February day..