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I’ve already mentioned that in past few months I rarely find time to sew for myself.. Special occasions are usually the reason when I try to squeeze a few hours for selfish sewing and I always leave it for the last couple of hours until the event.. My high school best friend's wedding was one of those occasions and this is the dress I made in limited amount of time.. I had a very busy week and I delayed making the dress until Friday, and the wedding was on Saturday.. To be more precise, I started cutting the fabric at 19h on Friday, counting that 4 hours would be enough to finish sewing everything.. I already knew which fabric I wanted to use, and that strapless dress was the best choice for my fabric pick.. I needed a safe pattern because there was no time for mistakes.. 

My first choice was the pattern #107 from Burda 03/2010.. I’ve made a dress using that pattern before, and I know that the fit is great, but form my fabric choice I needed a simpler bodice.. It would be a shame to cut that beautiful flower print I used for the bodice.. That’s the reason I picked a pattern I used three times before (1, 2, 3).. It’s a pattern for bustier #124 from Burda 01/2012..  Six pieces for the bodice, and the print is saved.. The print was also the reason why I chose to place the invisible zipper at the left side instead at the back of the dress.. 

I had about 85 cm length of the fabric to use.. The fabric is some sort of cotton with stretch, which I bought a year or two ago.. I loved the print at the first glance.. Stripes and flowers in one fabric, like it’s made for me.. Part with flowers had about 27 cm of length, perfect for the fit bodice.. The bodice is lined with similar type of fabric, white cotton leftover from some other project.. Also I added boning to the lining so the bodice would keep the good shape.. For the skirt I used part of the fabric that has only black and white stripes.. I had to improvise the skirt.. It’s very simple mostly because I didn’t have more fabric and I had to make it from the piece of about 140 x 52 cm.. Four pleats at the front and the back of the dress were enough.. Also I added the pockets, which is always a smart decision.. 

I always surprise myself when I finish a project so fast.. Four hours were enough to cut all the pattern pieces and lining, make tunnels for boning, put the bodice together, make the skirt with pockets (without any pattern), and insert the invisible zipper at the side.. I got to leave my workshop and get home and finish the hemline by hand, relaxing while drinking beer with my friends.. The dress was ready for the wedding next day :D

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. excellente utilisation de ce magnifique tissu

  2. beautiful mix of prints for a lovely dress !

  3. Gorgeous dress! Especially LOVE that frabric!

  4. what a pretty dress Tea, you used this fabric perfectly and the outcoming is lovely!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the flower/stripe mix, and it's perfect for this pattern!

  6. Stunning dress, I can't believe you made in in such a short space of time, you look amazing in it


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