Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beli Dekolte

Recently my boyfriend’s grandma gave me a bunch of fabrics that she bought decades ago and kept until now.. I knew that in near future there will be a couple of family gatherings, and I simply decided to use those fabric to dress myself (kind of a challenge).. For the first occasion I decided to make a dress from this lovely white cotton fabric with print.. The print reminds mostly of snowflakes.. A bit strange for a summer dress, but I think that it altogether looks good.. Once again I delayed sewing dress until last moment.. It’s good that I had a whole day because putting together all these pieces took me more time than I anticipated.. 

This time I didn’t have a clear idea which dress I would love to make.. The width of this fabric is only 80 cm, and I had only 2 m of length.. Not much to work with.. I remembered that I liked dress pattern #111 from Burda 07/2016 (A, B) and decided to try something new.. After tracing all pattern pieces I was sure that for the pleated skirt I needed more fabric.. That’s why I used only bodice pieces, and made a pleated skirt with the fabric I had.. For bodice lining I used some white cotton leftover fabric (from the sheets I made recently).. I added pockets and finished the hemline of the skirt with bias tape.. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pinky's Dream

Two weeks ago I had free sewing time and I wanted to make a new everyday dress for myself.. In past few issues of Burda Style magazine there were a lot of patterns that I liked and I wanted to make immediately, so I had a little challenge to pick one.. I’ve already made a dress with cutouts, which I enjoy wearing, that’s why for my new project I picked pattern #112 fromBurda 06/2016.. Neckline for this dress is gorgeous and I wanted to make a version for myself.. Recently I bought this lovely pink fabric which turned out to be great for this dress.. It’s cotton with a bit of elastin, same type of fabric I used for my first dress with cutouts.. That tiny bit of elastin makes this dress very comfy..