Pinky's Dream

Two weeks ago I had free sewing time and I wanted to make a new everyday dress for myself.. In past few issues of Burda Style magazine there were a lot of patterns that I liked and I wanted to make immediately, so I had a little challenge to pick one.. I’ve already made a dress with cutouts, which I enjoy wearing, that’s why for my new project I picked pattern #112 fromBurda 06/2016.. Neckline for this dress is gorgeous and I wanted to make a version for myself.. Recently I bought this lovely pink fabric which turned out to be great for this dress.. It’s cotton with a bit of elastin, same type of fabric I used for my first dress with cutouts.. That tiny bit of elastin makes this dress very comfy.. 

Only front of the bodice I made without any changes.. Although I liked how the back looks, I’m more into backless dresses for the summer.. This pattern was very easy to adjust, I simply made the hole at the back larger.. Also, I changed the shape of the skirt.. I rarely wear fit dresses, and lately circle skirts are my favorite thing to make and wear.. For bodice lining I used leftovers of the same type of fabric, but in red color.. For some reason I’m crazy about this pink-red combo.. Red lining is barely visible while the dress is on me.. Everyone can see only red button at the back.. The last red detail is bias tape I used for finishing the hemline of the skirt.. 

There was a lot of hand stitching with this dress – neckline, hemming the skirt, sewing lining to the bodice at the waistline, and making a thread button loop.. This time it took me more time than usual to finish the dress, just because I wanted everything to look nice and neat.. Only bad thing with this bright solid color fabric is that every seam and wrinkle is visible.. That doesn't stop me loving and wearing this dress :) 

Behind the Camera - my favorite sister Dina :D


  1. fun dress - perfect photo backdrop too ;o)

  2. Awesome dress, those cutouts are fab and love the bright colour. It looks great on you


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