Every time when I come across yellow/mustard fabric I have to buy it.. In normal case I would rarely by polyester fabric, but this lovely romantic floral print I couldn’t ignore.. My first idea was to make a skirt with it.. Couple of months have passed, and I had another idea, this time for a dress.. I delayed for a few days with starting this project.. Which was good in this case.. I remembered a technique I completely forgot to use – lace insertion.. A year and a half ago I made a couple of garments using the technique (1, 2), and when I figured out a new way to play with fabric I completely forgot this one.. With this fabric white lace goes so well and makes it more special instead being only a simple floral dress.. 

I’m constantly trying to find basic bodice patterns in Burda magazines that have a good fit.. With basic bodice one can easily play and make them more personalized.. This time I tried pattern #113 from Burda 09/2016 (patterns #112 and #114 have the same bodice).. I ignored polo neck and made the dress without it.. I had to make shorter sleeves than pattern suggests, because they are extremely long (you can see that on model photos for the pattern).. I didn’t make changes to other pattern pieces.. Just added white cotton lace around neckline.. Almost the same way as I did with my first dress.. I added a covered button and a loop for closure to mask a small mistake I made sewing the zipper.. Now it looks like a cute detail.. The skirt is gathered and it has lining.. 

The fit of this bodice is a bit looser, which I prefer these days.. More space for moving hands and eating.. The outcome is better than I expected.. Although fabric is polyester, it’s nice to wear.. Probably because of the colder weather.. Sewing all the lace trims was easy.. The fabric was stable and it didn’t fray much.. 

Behind the camera - my favorite sister Dina :)


  1. I LOVE this dress! I'm also powerless before mustard fabric :)

  2. Gorgeous! The colour is indeed wonderful, and your dress is truly special.

  3. Very nice ! I love the colour ! And the little details are very intersting !

  4. Beautiful! Love the fit and of course the fabric.

  5. Gorgeous, and very smart idea with the lace trims :)


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