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It’s official.. I started my instagram profile.. I’ve been preparing for this step since March this year, when these photos were taken.. Somehow, I always had something else to do.. And to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this social media.. Busy life showed me that I don’t have time to write posts for all garments I’ve made.. Also it’s nice to have a space to show lovely furry and spikey creatures to those who like pets.. For all those of you who are interested you can follow me @lejditea 

I’m aware that not everyone is a pet lover.. If you’re interested in story about my two pets, please continue reading.. If not, in next post I'll return with one of my newest sewing projects.. 

When you have a cat for a pet it’s hard to find another little creature that would easily coexist with feline.. Since I was 13 year-old I had a cat at home and I cannot imagine life without one.. Almost 10 years ago, in a newly opened large Pet store in Belgrade, for the first time I saw African pigmy hedgehogs and it was love at first sight.. I immediately knew that it was the perfect pet that could survive with a cat for a roommate.. The price was the only problem stopping me from having one.. Years have passed, I never got to adopt a real hedgie.. For an example, one of my exes gave me for a present stuffed hedgehog so I would stop talking about real one!! 

Year ago I started living with Matija (boyfriend) who didn’t make any problems with my three year old deaf albino cat MaliBu living with us.. At one point I mentioned hedgies and for the first time someone liked idea of adopting spikey little creature.. Matija wanted us to adopt an albino hedgie because we had albino cat.. We even started collecting money so we could buy one in future (it’s not only hedgie, we needed a cage too).. My friend Neda knew about our dream to have a hedgie, so when she heard that her friend Marija  wanted to find a new home for her 6 months old hedgie, she contacted me and we become carers of grumpiest hedgie ever.. Хвала Недо и Марија :D This hedgie wasn’t albino as Matija wanted, so his only condition was that he gives him a new name – Momčilo Jež..   

Momčilo came to our home back in march.. It was still cold, and heating in our apartment was not the best.. African pigmy hedgehogs cannot live in cold, they need temperature above 18 degrees C.. If he goes into hibernation, he would die :( We placed his cage alongside heater to keep him warm.. I was scared that it won’t be enough, which was a perfect excuse to start a knitting project.. Nothing special, just kind of a blanket for hedgie where he could hide and be warm.. Natural wool seemed like  the best choice.. I used undyed pure wool that Mokosha gave me last winter.. I didn’t have any knitting plan.. My only goal was to make something I could put in Momčilo’s cage to keep him warm.. The knitting bowl you see on the photos was a gift from a friend who’s a ceramist.. Two years ago I asked him to make me a knitting bowl with СНОБ (snob) written in Serbian Cyrillic.. A year ago we finally met and he gave me this prefect knitting bowl.. Велико хвала Дејане!!  Since I finished this first “blanket” for Momčilo I started looking for new ideas and if you have some please share them with me.. 

Last couple of photos were taken outside, in our yard.. We live in an old four apartment building from beginning of last century and we have a large yard away from the street.. Our neighbors are very pet friendly.. In total there are five cats, one dog, and one african pigmy hedgehog living at this address.. It’s rare not to see at least one cat outside.. Ginger cats Žujka and Zlatica are neighbor’s cats, and they couldn’t miss opportunity to see what is hidden in that little blanket.. 

One fun fact - hedgies eat cat food :) Very practical in our case ;)


  1. So cute! ... and congrats for your ig account

  2. Oh my goodness! I need a hedgehog now! That is sooo cute!!!

  3. What a cutie😊 maybe you could knit him a cat "cave". I believe you knit it first and then felt it in a hot wash.

    1. Cat cave is my next project ;) I've found a tutorial, even tried to make it few months ago (unsuccessfully, I improvised and the outcome was not the best).. Right now I'm looking to buy felting wool.. Hope I'll have a new try next week :D thanks :)

  4. I love this. You can never bore me with posts about pets! What a cutie!

  5. Oh my! What a creature! He's delightful! And I love that he's grumpy!


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