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The dress I made at the end of October, photographed in early November, and now I finally get to show it.. To be honest, I wasn’t quite happy with photos and that’s why I pushed this project a side (the best photos of the dress are when I'm checking my phone!).. On the other hand, I enjoyed making this simple dress.. 

I bought this fabric on a flea market.. I live close to the well-known market in center of Belgrade – Kalenić pijaca, and when it’s on my way to where ever I’m going, I simply have to take a look if there is anything interesting.. That’s how this become my main source for fabrics and some other things.. Just look at these beauties to see how great fabrics are there :) One summer day I went there with my friends, and with my expert scanning of the booths I saw a pile of fabrics.. I took a look and immediately liked this dark red fabric with paisley print, some kind of a lightweight wool blend.. I started chatting with a woman who was selling these fabrics, and it turned out that she had more fabrics for sale.. Her aunt was a seamstress, and now she’s selling all her sewing supplies.. Of course I was interested to see treasure hidden in her apartment.. We exchanged contacts, and a few weeks later I visited her with Mokosha and we left her with significant pile of fabrics.. More about that some other time..

Back to the dress I made.. I wanted to make an Autumn dress.. The color of the fabric and its content were perfect for that project.. I imagined a simple shift dress and found a pattern #120 from Burda 12/2015 (there are three versions of the pattern).. I drafted the pockets by myself because I didn't like those that were included with the pattern.. That change wasn’t enough, I needed to do a bit more to make the dress interesting.. I remembered that once  before I used velvet ribbon to embellish a garment and decided to do it again.. I arranged dark red and navy velvet trims around the neckline, and a few on pockets.. The dress doesn’t have a zipper, there’s only a slit with a button closure at the back.. The fit of the dress is good.. I'm not sure how much I like the end result, but I'm pleased that I tried a new (old) idea..

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. Really lovely dress, I love the velvet ribbon detail, it takes the dress to the next level.


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