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About a month ago I discovered perfect sewalong for me – The sew back project.. It’s hosted on Instagram by lovely Hariet aka @hobblingshandmades .. She calls everyone who’s interested to recreate or make something inspired by an outfit from when you were younger.. If you’re interested to join you have more time, till the end of the June!! You can also hear more on her youtube channel.. Those of you who follow me for a longer time know that I already made a very special remake two and a half years ago.. It was a dress my mom made me to wear on my aunt’s wedding in Italy.. If you haven’t seen it, or you wanna refresh your memory follow this link..

When I look at the photos from the time when I was a kid there are many outfits I would wear now.. Cute dresses, polka dots, stripes, fun prints.. And there’s that special group of garments my mom made for my sister and me.. Last year I made this full circle skirt with polka dots and inseam pockets.. One of my favorite wears of the season.. You can expect to see this look on my Me made may photos on ig.. My most worn combination was with Space invaders Tate top by Workroom Social.. I love how this cute crop top goes with full circle skirt.. Mix of prints is perfect, easy to wear, great for hot weather and I fell super great every time I put this combo on.. At one point I realized that it reminds me of an outfit my mom made me long time ago.. When Lambada was a hit back in 1989, I was 5 year old, and I wanted to have an outfit in which I could dance and twirl like girls do in the video.. My mom made me a full circle skirt and drafted some kind of a circle top from a lightweight pink cotton with bunnies.. It’s hard to see how it actually looks like.. The photo below was the best, so you must take my word for it..  It’s still funny how I accidentally made a remake of my childhood outfit, but I’m very happy I did it..

My make for #thesewbackproject will be another dress my mom made for me, but I’ll keep it a secret for a little longer.. I’m lucky we kept that dress so I can see more about the construction and make a good adult version.. Just need to figure out which fabric to use and to find time for this fun project.. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

Behind the camera - мој Матија


  1. That's so cute and summery! I think I have not thought of Lambada for more than 20 years, what a fun and weird dance that was :-)

    1. I also forgot about Lambada before I made the connection between these two outfits ;) I remembered the story, and the song.. Today I actually looked at the video for the first time as a grown-up and I'm kinda speechless :-P


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