Dear Prudence

Summer is comming to an end, and it’s time for me to start thinking about autumn sewing.. Very hard thing to do when it’s still around 30 degrees C every day.. I’m in that awkward phase when I don’t have any ideas.. Long sleeves, thicker fabrics, layering, jackets, coats.. Nothing new and interesting comes to my mind.. The other day I looked through Burda magazines from last few years to get an inspiration and decided to try one of the patterns.. I liked the bodice from the dress #104 from 10/2016 issue (variation A, B).. That V neckline looks so feminine and I wanted to see how it would look on a finished project.. 

Bodice is very simple.. On the front there are only bust darts, and at the back waist darts.. I decided to add half circle skirt with inseam pockets to this bodice.. The fabric was in my stash for couple of years.. Thin cotton with a bit of elastin.. I had about 1,60m of the fabric to sew this dress.. The only compromise I had to make is cutting the sleeves shorter (without part 4 of the pattern).. Also I added lining to the skirt.. 

There are a few things I would change to this pattern in future.. The first is making it narrower at the waistline.. It’s nice to have some room for food and drinks, but with this pattern there is too much even for me.. The dress would look nicer with better fit at the waist.. The second is moving bust darts 1cm lower.. I made the dress in size 36, which I wear now, and darts are positioned slightly higher.. Although setting in the sleeves reminded me why I hate sewing sleeves, I think they look good.. There is enough ease so I can move my hands normally.. That's an important thing.. 

I love the classic look this dress has.. I'm glad I tried this pattern.. I already have a few ideas for hacking this pattern, so you'll probably see more versions in future :) Interesting info - I actually made these shorts from the same fabric. That was actually the first project that I published on Kollabora and become active member of sewing community.. Too bad that site doesn't function any more :(

Beihnd the camera - Matija Vukov