I've made a new top just as a test version and ended up loving it very much :) It all started when I saw this dress pattern in February Burda.. I liked the bodice and the sleeves and wanted to try making something similar to that.. For me it is easier to try drafting smaller version than resizing the original pattern from size 44 to size 36.. In the same issue of Burda magazine there was a top pattern with kimono sleeves, and if you look at the technical sketch you can see basic similarities between these two..

The top pattern is #108 from Burda 02/2018..  I made a few changes to the original pattern.. There was no need for me to cut those neckline pieces separately from bodice pieces.. With my busy print fabric, it was best to keep things simplified.. Also I didn't like those cuffs with elastic, so I made regular ones.. I completely forgot I had this fabric in my stash.. It was sitting there for years, waiting for a perfect pattern.. The fabric is lovely viscose I found in a remnant bin, only 0.9m length.. Small amount for most of the projects.. I was happy when I saw I could squeeze my two pattern pieces on this fabric, and I had enough leftovers for cuffs.. That's why I have a back center seam, which I don't mind.. It's always fulfilling when you know you have minimum fabric waste.. 

My simplified version was very easy to make.. Just two pieces sewn together, bias binding at the neckline, and cuffs were probably most time consuming.. You can't see on my photos, but I kept the original hemline with slit at the sides.. I liked that little detail, which would be visible if I haven't tucked in the top.. For all of you interested in making this pattern, I would recommend using fabrics that drape well.. Viscose I used for this top is super soft, and it makes it more comfy to wear..

Behind the camera - Matija Vukov

P.S. Before anyone asks, I didn't make the skirt.. I bought it at a flea market for less than half an euro.. Lucky me :D


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