Let me show you my winter coat now when winter has come to an end.. I've finished sewing this coat at the end of November 2017, and I've been wearing it since then.. Even if it took me a month after that to find buttons, and then few weeks to sew them so I won't get cold during windy days.. Luckily, we had very mild weather with temperatures above 0 degrees C so my lack of buttons wasn't a big problem :D

I had my eye on this pattern since it was released in Burda 12/2016.. I loved everything about it, even the model photo.. The coat has very simple silhouette which was important to me because my plan was to make a super warm winter coat using the fabrics I had in my stash.. The main fabric is thick wool I bought several years ago.. I also used padded lining to add warmth.. There's not much to write about sewing process.. I didn't want to make any changes to the pattern, so I just cut all the pieces and put them together.. I even traced the placement for buttons and buttonholes (that part I usually figure out by myself)..There are no tricky parts with sewing this pattern.. Even the pockets are easy to make..

It took me a while to completely finish this coat.. I couldn't find any interesting buttons.. I even bought one set, and changed my mind.. In the end I settled with these simple navy ones and decided that my search is over.. To be honest it was getting colder in second half of January.. Next step was making buttonholes.. To my surprise, this was the first time my sewing machine couldn't finish the task because of the thickness of fabric layers.. It wasn't a big deal, I finished buttonholes by hand (for the first time)..

I love this coat very much.. I was in need for a new one because the previous one I made back in 2010 and I wore a lot over the years.. It was time for a change.. Wearing that coat I learned that it's practical to have slightly wider sleeves so even a bulky sweater would fit in without making it impossible to move my arms.. If you follow me on Instagram you could have seen that I've made a bunch of oversized sweaters this season.. My new coat has enough room for my sweaters, and it's comfy and warm (things I always expect from winter clothes).. Also I love inseam pockets that are perfectly placed.. I just wish I added an inside pocket for my phone..

Hat and mittens are also made by me.. I made these mittens to wear with  my previous coat because it has 7/8 sleeves.. They are still looking like new, not like they survived three winters.. The hat I knitted at the end of the last winter using chunky purple yarn.. The pattern is mine.. Just simple cables knitted on 8 mm needles.. I must say that I love this purple.. It's very vibrant in person, almost like on the photos bellow..

Behind the camera - Matija Vukov


  1. I love the shape and the raglan sleeves on this coat pattern. Cheery chunky beanie is great too ;o)

  2. Beautiful coat! I have some lovely red wool that I've been meaning to use for a coat for a while - it could look nice in a pattern like this!
    Love the purple hat too!

  3. I love this coat and you have inspired me to make one myself using the same pattern and also padded lining. Now the coat seems quite bulky and I'm struggling with the lining - did you attach it at the bottom? By hand? Did you make the size you normally wear or a size bigger to allow for the lining? Thank you for any tips!



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