Spanish Sahara

Preparations for spring have started!! I've been wanting to make shirt dresses for my shop, but with my modest drafting skills I had to turn to Burda patterns for basic pattern which I can redraft and embellish to my own ideas.. In this year's March issue of Burda magazine there is an interesting shirt dress pattern #113.. The pattern has that strange twist thing around the bust which I personally don't like, but basic pattern looked like something I could use.. Also I love the skirt and I plan to make one version for myself.. Before that I made this dress I'm showing you here as a test version.. I made in size larger than I actually wear (so I won't keep the dress)..

This cute fabric I bought at a summer sale.. I loved the dragonflies and moths, but I wasn't sure about the main color.. The fabric is very pale and you can hardly see moths, even on close-up photos.. My fave here are green dragonflies.. The fabric is lightweight cotton, perfect for shirt dresses..

I was interested to see the fit of the bodice of this pattern.. I decided to ignore the twisted bust part.. Also I made normal button placket that goes to the waistline.. I added simple gathered skirt with lining.. Those are all the changes I made to the original pattern.. It's hard to talk about the fit of the dress since I made it in size 38, and I wear 36.. One more detail I changed, and that's adding two small buttons at cuffs instead only one.. It looks cute that way :)

One more note for those of you who buy Burda Style magazine.. They printed wrong details about the color of the pattern lines for this pattern.. I did my own detective work and figured out the mistake.. Instead of red lines (or shaded pink pattern?) on sheet A as printed in the magazine, you should trace GREEN lines on the same sheet ;) Pattern instructions for this dress have step-by-step instructions in the magazine written in German.. We only have the booklet with instructions translated in to Serbian, that's why it was slightly harder figuring out the mistake..

It's been a long time since I made any kind of a shirt, so I really enjoyed sewing this dress.. There are so many details that needed to be done precise.. Sewing the button placket, collar with collar stand and cuffs.. It's good that I've chosen non slippery fabric and made everything neat as possible.. I love the look of the collar and the fit of the dress and I'm sure I'm gonna use this a lot this season..


  1. Lovely! Actually when I first saw it in the magazine I haven't liked with the bust detail:)

    1. Me too :) That often happens with Burda patterns.. That's why I learned to look at the basic pattern, without their add-ons ;) Also I'm sure the dress would look great with the original skirt :) Can't wait to make one for myself ;)


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