Rock Lobster

So glad we finally found time to photograph this dress :) I made it two weeks ago, and got to post only one quick photo on Instagram.. Now you can see better how this craziness actually looks.. The dress was a very spontaneous make.. In February I bought this bright plaid cotton fabric mostly because it was on sale.. I calculated how much fabric I needed to make two skirts, one for my shop and one to keep for myself.. First I made the skirt for my shop (you can see it here) and prepared all pattern pieces for the skirt no 2.. Somehow I had some other sewing to finish in between,  and my skirt had to wait.. Meanwhile, the April issue of Burda magazine was released and I liked many patterns I saw there.. I don't know exactly how and why, but I decided to try to make a dress pattern #112 using this cheerful plaid cotton,0 even though it was already cut and prepared for the skirt.. I managed to squeeze all bodice pieces on one of the previously cut skirt pieces.. The ruffle is slightly narrower and shorter than the pattern suggests.. Only when I finished the bodice I realized that I don't have enough fabric for the skirt.. A week or two passed before I had the budget to the full price for this fabric.. After that I didn't want to have any leftovers so I came up with idea for the gathered skirt with huge pockets.. That's also the reason for the midi length skirt - no scraps and leftovers!! While making the pockets I thought of using an embroidery heart stitch I have on my sewing machine to make it even more special (like this bright plaid wasn't enough).. I rarely use any of those decorative stitches but in this case I think it looks good..

I couldn't wait to finish this dress and wear it.. I love the outcome and once again I think I did a great job using the plaid fabric for a dress.. No, I'm not gonna be modest :) I love plaid fabrics, and every time I find one in right color combo I wanna buy it (even if it meant waiting for several weeks to save the budget).. Also I'm very proud of my cleaver choices about the skirt.. Lately I'm really trying to have minimum fabric waist.. In this case I was left only with the waistband pattern piece I prepared for the skirt.. 

Behind the camera - Matija Vukov


  1. Everything about this dress is so good! I'm impressed by your skill and resourcefulness!


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