One of my treats from our last visit to Berlin was an issue of La Maison Victor.. Traveling with only hand luggage, and the fact that I already did my fabric shopping at Turkish market, I could choose only one issue of LMV to bring back to Belgrade.. In every issue that I saw at Modulor store I liked at least one pattern.. I did my research and decided to settle with issue 2-2018 (March/April).. Romina dress was differently my favorite, but I also liked Bruna blouse and Harper trousers.. 
This was the first time that I used LMV pattern so the first thing I had to do is to find my size.. I took a look at other makes of this pattern and confirmed that the dress has loose fit as you can see on model photos in the magazine.. I decided that for Romina dress only bust measurements are important and that gave me my size - the smallest one 34.. For my test version of the dress I picked this lovely viscose with heart print.. Good choice for sewing but the bad one for photographing.. All the lovely details this dress has are barely visible.. Sleeves were the first thing that drawn me to this dress pattern.. I love this combination of puff sleeves and pleats at hemline..  One more of the good sides of the print this fabric has is that you don't see the central seam at the back skirt piece.. Instead of cutting that piece on fold, I have a seam there.. That way I was able to squeeze all pattern pieces on 1.80 m of fabric, instead of recommended 2.25 m.. The instructions have step-by-step illustrations and are easy to follow, even if you don't understand the language (my issue is in German, obviously).. I changed one more thing to the pattern, and that's sewing regular buttons I had in my stash and making button holes.. I like making button loops, but I didn't have any buttons for that.. 
When I tried on the finished garment I was very happy I chose to make the smallest size.. The dress is very roomy around the bust.. I love wearing comfy clothes and this dress falls into that category.. Even though I like how my test version turned out I think that I should change something when I decide to make my next version.. Reducing the volume of front bodice pieces might help that button closure look better and neater.. Or maybe omitting that closure part and making front bodice piece cut on fold.. Or cut at the natural waistline instead of this higher one.. When the time comes I might have more ideas on how to make most of this pattern.. For the end, I have to say that Romina dress is a pattern for those who don't mind loose fit at the bust and high waist.. That's not the most body flattering dress, but it has some advantages like more room for food and drinks (or maybe even as a stylish maternity wear?).. 

Behind the camera - Matija Vukov


  1. lovely dress - great match of pattern to fabric ;o)

    1. thanks :) this fabric waited about year or two for a perfect pattern ;)


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