Hello, my name is Tea.. Welcome to my virtual world.. This blog is a little experiment I’ll be doing on my own, until my dear friend Snave finishes her studies and finds time for our joint project.. I’m a true addict for all sorts of crafts and it was time to have a space for showing them.. For most of the photos on this blog credits go to my lovely sister Dina, who always takes time for location hunting and doing photo shoots.. Beside my sewing and other projects, you’ll be seeing our fun and furry friends Smoki (dog) and Malibu (cat).. They always manage to put their paws on my work..

Most of you may recognize my work from Kollabora and BurdaStyle sites.. Kollabora was the first online community where I showed my sewing and knitting skills and it was love at first “publish”.. Now, there I have over 50 projects, most of which won’t be mentioned here.. BurdaStyle was the first sewing online community I discovered when I came back to sewing and it will always have a special place in my heart.. On both sites, I was probably one of their rare users who were asked for the interviews before having a blog.. If you’re interested in reading them and getting to know me a little better you can take a look at Kollabora’s Nora meets the Maker and BurdaStyle’s FeaturedMember..

Name of the blog is not creative as it could be.. I just couldn’t think of anything better.. Tea is my real name, and Okereke is in honor of Kele Okereke, the singer from one of my favorite bands Bloc Party..  I’m also addicted to listening to the music.. That’s why it was logical to start calling my projects by songs I’m listening to and love.. That way I’m sharing with you my life’s soundtrack..

Sorry for my bad English.. It's not my native language..

If you want to contact me, my e-mail is teaokereke[at]gmail[dot]com

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